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Bunker price spreads in 2020 Bunker price spreads in 2020

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Brent futures extend some profits after hitting four-year low
Brent futures on Monday gained some earnings, as investors seeking cheaper valuations after last week's recent losses.

WTI / Brent lose more than a dollar amid OPEC supply speculation.
Monday did not start strong for Crude oil futures, since indications that Saudi Arabia is pleasant with lower oil prices weighed.

U.S. oil futures slump to 18-month low ahead of weekly supply data
U.S. oil futures fell to the lowest level since April 2013 on Wednesday, as investors positioned themselves for a bearish weekly supply report later in the day.

Crude Oil continues to decline, following global growth slashing by the IMF
After the International Monetary Fund cut its forecast for global economic growth this year, crude oil futures extended losses during U.S. morning hours on Tuesday.

Cappuccino Bunkers, an Illustrated Guide to Loss Prevention
The Cappuccino Effect, the frothing/bubbling effect caused by compressed air blown through the delivery hose. The aerated bunkers when sounded will give the impression that the fuel is delivered as ordered, when in fact when the entrapped air in suspension settles out of the fuel oil the oil level drops and a short fall is discovered. In large bunker deliveries this could be considerable with huge financial implications.

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